Our Values

Do right

We are respectful, transparent, and straightforward with our customers, partners and coworkers. By striving to always do the right thing, and delivering what we promise, we raise the bar and challenge our industry peers to do the same.

Keep growing

Ours is an industry in constant transformation. To some, that may be intimidating. To us, it’s motivating. We are driven by the challenge of the unknown and uncharted, ready to roll up our sleeves and find a way. The payoff is always worth the effort, and we celebrate each other and our successes.

Band together

We may have different roles and different customers, but we share a common goal. When we stick together, we have success. When we keep talking - sharing knowledge, information and ideas - we guide each other and the industry forward. We’re one team and one organization united for a common cause.

Defy limits

We are .NINJA. Grounded by our experience and expertise in domain names, we are not afraid to think creatively, try something new, take a chance. We take time to question and experiment, always seeking to learn from our mistakes as much as our successes. We lead the industry forward by delivering on our vision.

Be there

We want to help our customers reach their goals - getting online and telling their story, their way. There is no such thing as half-measures when it comes to service - going above and beyond is simply how we do it. As partners to our customers, we will always give the highest levels of help, knowledge and guidance.

Our Brands

Our Registry: For registrars, resellers, partners, or that someone who wants to share their big idea, Rightside Registry has the right Top Level Domains.

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Our Registrar: The best Top Level Domain names. World-class web hosting. Easy-to-use website builders. Name.com can help everyone tell their story online.

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Executive Headshots

Our Story

Rightside is part of a new internet that’s growing beyond the dot coms and dot nets. And where others just see a domain name, we see opportunity. Because we know that it's more than just a domain name. It’s your big dreams realized, the business you've started from scratch, the idea that may change the world. These domain names are new opportunities for self-expression, new opportunities for commerce, and new opportunities for you.

Your story should be heard the way you want to tell it. With Rightside, you have a partner who can help you write every chapter.

Revolutionary domain names

After more than 15 years in the domain name business, we've never been more excited about how the internet is changing. Our new domains like .REVIEWS, .SOCIAL, and .ATTORNEY are part of a new, more personal web, where everyone can tell their story, their way.

Uniquely useful tools

Our powerful, easy-to-use services help people and organizations create an online presence with real impact. And we are constantly looking for new ways to make things easier and better, whether it's a mobile-friendly website builder, business-class email, or even the next big thing.

Powerful partnerships

With Rightside's unique domain names and powerful tools, we can help boost sales for registries, registrars, resellers, and domain investors. We make it easy for your customers to make their voice heard online.