What do you get when you mix big data analytics with strategic thinking? You get Rightside’s portfolio of new Top Level Domains.

We've crunched the numbers to come up with a robust portfolio of some of the most promising Top Level Domains. By combining that with our trusted services platform, we're making domains exciting again.

The opportunities our TLD portfolio provide are endless. We're talking powerful TLDs that evoke industry (.ATTORNEY), place (.PUB), and just plain fun (.NINJA anyone?). Now is the time to invest in the future of the internet with our portfolio of in-demand online real estate.


Put your name in lights like never before with your own .ACTOR domain name.

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Whether you're active duty or retired, an .AIRFORCE domain name can help you take flight.

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Be all that you can be with your own .ARMY domain name.

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Promote your practice and stand out from the rest with an .ATTORNEY domain name.

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Employ new ways to find the highest bidder with a .AUCTION domain name.

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Play to a bigger audience with a .BAND domain name.

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Standing out from the crowd with a .CONSULTING domain name is just good business.

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Take the stage with your own personalized domain name and .DANCE like everyone's watching.

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Show the world the value of a great education with a .DEGREE domain name.

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In an election year, a .DEMOCRAT domain name can help put you over the top.

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You'll be all smiles with a .DENTIST domain name.

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You couldn't design a better web address than your own personalized .ENGINEER domain name.

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Connect with .FAMILY for the ones who matter most.

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Set up shop with a .FORSALE domain name.

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Let the world know who you support with a .FUTBOL domain name.

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Strengthen your impact and show the world your charitable side with a .GIVES domain name.

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There are 25 million monthly searches for "haus" every month. Shouldn't you have your own .HAUS domain name?

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Stake your claim in the real estate market with your own .IMMOBILIEN domain name.

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Make the sale with your new .KAUFEN domain name.

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Raise the bar and grab your own .LAWYER domain name today.

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Be seen with a .LIVE domain name.

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Show the world that you are the place to buy or sell with a .MARKET domain name.

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Express your creativity and show your good fashion sense with a .MODA domain name.

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Nearly $500 million is spent on real estate advertising every year. Get a step ahead of the pack with a .MORTGAGE domain name.

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Show your pride and support with a .NAVY domain name.

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Own the story with a .NEWS domain name.

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With a .NINJA domain name, they'll never see you coming.

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Sit back, grab a pint and enjoy the increased exposure from a .PUB domain name.

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You'll be back on your feet in no time with a .REHAB domain name.

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Small government, personal freedom, and a great .REPUBLICAN domain name go hand in hand.

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Loved that hole in the wall seafood place? Hated the latest summer blockbuster? Let people know about it with a .REVIEWS domain name.

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Memorialize loved ones with a .RIP domain name.

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You know what rocks? Your site, when it has a .ROCKS domain name.

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.SALE: The go to place for smart shoppers

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Tell the world about your new program with a brand new .SOFTWARE domain name.

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Expand your creative space online with a .STUDIO domain name.

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Whether it's animals or armed forces, a .VET domain name is perfect for you.

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.VIDEO: Show off your best content

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What is a TLD?

It’s time to think different. You probably already know what a domain name is, but a Top Level Domain? It’s simple. Just look to the Rightside of the dot.

The internet is moving past the dot coms and dot nets. We’ve been working with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that oversees the management of Top Level Domains, to introduce new TLDs.

With new TLDs like .NINJA, .REVIEWS and .SOCIAL we’re changing how people tell their stories online. After all, why have www.kitten-treat-reviews-online.com when you can have kittentreat.reviews?

Email Addresses

Top Level Domains aren’t limited to just web addresses. They’re also available as email extensions.

Now personal and corporate email addresses can more clearly express who you are and what you do.

Imagine having an email address like yourname@photography.ninja or yourname@family.lawyer.

Launch Phases

Each new Top Level Domain has to go through an ICAAN-mandated release process, which includes three phases commonly known as Pre-registration, Sunrise, and General Availability:


Early Application

Jump to the front of the line with a pre-registration. By pre-registering, your registrar will attempt to reserve your domain name as soon as it's available.

Most registrars offer this service without additional fees and will refund your order if your domain name is unavailable. Be sure to verify this with them before you place your order!


Trademark Holders

Trademark holders may register their trademarked domains during this phase. Only rights holders who have registered with the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) may purchase domains during this time. Both the TMCH and the registrar may require fees for registration during this phase.

Pre-registration is also available during this time.

General Availability

First-come, first served

Anyone may register for a domain name during this period of open registration.

The first week of General Availability is known as Early Access, and gives you the chance to register a domain name before anyone else for an additional fee. 

Premium domains, which constitute popular terms, will also be available during this time. They will be sold through “buy now” options and periodic auctions.

General Availability will open at 17:00 GMT.